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How to Pay

This section is for clarifying the details of payment.  If you are not a reserved team, please do not drop off cheques or try to pay.
  1. Any member of the team write a cheque on behalf of the team:
    • in the amount of $320.00
    • to ODBA
    • post-dated January 27th, 2011
    • memo'd with the name of the team
  2. Place the cheque into an envelope with the following info on the front:
    • To: Eugene Lee
    • For: Mark Grantham Badminton Tournament
    • From: <your name>, <your phone #>
    • Date: <day you dropped it off>
  3. Drop off the envelope + cheque at the RA Centre East Wing Desk and confirm:
    • Filed under Eugene's last name letter: L
  4. Send an email to letting us know that the payment was dropped off