About this Tournament

The Mark Grantham Team Tournament is best known as the most popular and entertaining badminton tournament in Ottawa.  While there are no ranking points or trophies, there are always excellent prizes, fantastic competition, and a rich history of the badminton community participating.  This tournament is incredibly appealing for its team aspect.  A team is composed of 4 males and 4 females.  A team plays 8 matches against an opposing team. The 8 matches consist of 2 men's doubles, 2 women's doubles, and 4 mixed doubles.  This format was designed and implemented by Mark Grantham Senior in 1975.  And, on March 8th, 1975, the first annual Gloucester Team Invitational Tournament was played with 16 teams at Charlesbois and Cantebury High School. And, in 1987 the tournament was retitled to the Mark Grantham Badminton Team Challenge.

Every year, there are teams of players from all across the Ottawa region, with a range of skill level from no tournament experience up to provincially ranked players, possessed with team spirit, team pride, and team competition.  Most teams uphold the traditions associated with this tournament by outfitting themselves with matching outfits, coming up with team cheers, and/or staying true and relevant to their witty team names.  In return, the players receive a free Mark Grantham t-shirt, branded with the Mark Grantham Tournament logo on a colour that changes each year.  In the photo, to the right, is the 2012 Mark Grantham T-Shirt, held up by Mark Grantham Senior.

The purpose of this tournament is to give a team experience to the game of badminton. The appeal of a team tournament is that a team shares a win or loss together.  One match alone can not determine if the team will win or lose.  And, every match will have some cheering team mates too.  The popularity of this team tournament format has even brought in players from Montreal, Kingston, and Toronto.