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The tournament organizer will do his/her best to supply the necessary officials at the player(s) request. There are 4 type of officials a player may request for: an umpire, a score keeper, a service judge, or line judge.  A badminton referee is assigned by the tournament organizer, and it is his/her job to know the rules inside and out.

There is an umpire training program and line judge training program. If you are part of the training program, looking for more experience, please contact the tournament organizer to join the registered list.  If you would like to join the training programs, please contact the New Pathways Committee under Badminton Ontario for more information.

A big thank you goes out to the officiating volunteers for the 2012 Mark Grantham Badminton Team Challenge: Vivian Tam (Umpire), Alan Fok (Umpire), Danusha (Service Judge), Kenny Yuen (Line Judge), Fong Cho (Line Judge), Alex Chao (Line Judge), Francis Wong (Line Judge), Ipellie Foo (Line Judge), Giulian De La Merced (Line Judge).

Badminton Referee

  • The Referee shall be in overall charge of the tournament or event of which a match forms part
  • Under special circumstances the Referee may instruct the umpire to suspend play

Badminton Umpire (credit B.On)

  • Ensures standards, nets are at the correct height
  • Ensures the courts are kept clean
  • Identifies and resolves safety hazards
  • Maintains effective use of court and warm up times
  • Reports misconducts on un-supervised matches to referees
  • Obtains score sheets from referee or draw desk
  • Informs players of any obstructions applicable to their court
  • Makes personal contact with line judges
  • Ensures line judges know the signals and are positioned correctly
  • Ensures players equipment is on the umpire's side of court
  • Checks that the players' clothing conforms to relevant regulations
  • Ensures a sufficient quantity of shuttles are available
  • Ensures a number of shuttles are pre-tested by the protocol before the match
  • Monitors warm up time and starts the match promptly
  • Carries out the toss fairly ensuring choices are exercised correctly
  • Identifies the server and receiver on the score sheets
  • Identifies which sides players/teams begin the match on
  • Delivers appropriate announcement for events
  • Records the start time for the match
  • Uses the standard vocabulary outlined in the Laws of Badminton
  • Properly calls and records the score
  • Calls "Play" to start a match or to resume after an interval or rally
  • Ensures players are in the correct court at the start of each rally
  • Accurately times intervals and allotted time between games
  • Delivers 20 second warning during intervals and between games
  • Handles any on court injuries or suspension of play
  • Calls "lets" and faults promptly
  • Issues warnings or summons referee when appropriate
  • Records the winner(s) of the match and their scores
  • Announce the winner(s) and scores of the match
  • Thanks any service/line judges used
  • Records the accurate end time for the match
  • Submits the score sheets to the referee
  • Briefs the referee on any faults/misconducts during the match

Badminton Service Judge

  • The service judge shall call service faults made by the server should they occur

Badminton Line Judge

  • A line judge shall indicate whether a shuttle landed "in" or "out" on the line(s) assigned.

Badminton Score Keeper

  • The score keeper will keep track of the score on behalf of the players
  • The score keeper does not make any judgement calls
  • The score keeper always call the server's score first